Create A Bird-Friendly Backyard

Posted on: 25 April 2017
Backyard birds provide much more than merely a delightful display when they fly in and around your property; these feathered-friends also can contribute to your property by eating insects, controlling pests, and pollinating plants when you provide them with the opportunity. Enjoy the bounty of benefits that backyard birds bring and keep them coming back for more. Some spring birds that are backyard-friendly are: Finches Sparrows Hummingbirds Robins Chickadees Jays Attract sweet sparrows and friendly finches this spring with these tips:
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2 Ways To Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Yard

Posted on: 21 April 2017
No one likes to have a weedy yard. Weeds make your lovely grass look like you never put any time into making your yard look good. But, weeds seem to just happen and are hard to get rid of. What can you do to get rid of those weeds and get back to having a lovely, green, grassy yard? Professionals One thing you can do is to hire a professional landscaping company or lawn care company to come out to help you.
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Tips to Help Save Resources by Integrating Rain Collection Into Sprinkler Systems

Posted on: 13 April 2017
If your home has a sprinkler system, then you know water consumption is an extra cost. In addition, during the summer months, you may need to limit your water use due to drought conditions. A rain collection system can help. Here are a few tips to help you integrate rain collection into a modern irrigation system: 1. The Water Sources and Collection Tanks for Storage Needs The most common source of water for rain barrels is the roof of your home, but this is not the only water source.
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Bring On The Berries: Starting Your Own U-Pick Strawberry Patch

Posted on: 10 April 2017
If you love gardening and sharing your home-grown crops with others, you might consider starting a U-Pick strawberry patch.  You can transform an empty patch of land into a luscious field of red berries for families to come and spend time together picking strawberries.  As a bonus, you still get all the berries you can eat and you'll make some extra cash as well. Prepare the Land for Planting Choose a level area of ground away from trees, which will siphon away more water from your berries than you think.
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