Have An Unkept And Unsightly Yard? What To Do For An Easy Great Looking Property

Posted on: 16 May 2017

If you aren't able to keep the plants alive that are in your yard, and your grass is always dry or discolored, it's time to talk with a landscaping professional. You can do some things to get a yard that others admire, that compliments your home, and that is easy to maintain at the same time. Here are a few of the things that you want to ask the landscaper about, services you want to hire regularly, and ideas you can incorporate to help make the yard look great.

Weed Treatment and Fertilization

The treatment of weeds and crabgrass would be the best way to start achieving a greener yard. The landscaping team can apply different weed treatments that get rid of the weeds and bad plants or grass that are damaging the healthy grass, and apply fertilizing treatment to help improve the quality of your grass. If you are worried about dogs or kids, ask about organic options to use on the yard, or options that are kid and dog friendly.

New Landscaping Options

The landscaping you have around your house now may be too difficult for you to care for, or it may not be the best landscaping options for your area. Ask your landscape professional about these things to make the greenery less maintenance:

  • Stone instead of mulch
  • Native plants to the area
  • Robust low water plants
  • Plants that thrive in shade or sun

These are just some of the things that can help make your yard easier to take care of, and you want to try to get plants that don't have to be pruned weekly, or that don't shed a lot. This way you can have the landscape professionals treat the yard and prune and prep once at the beginning of the outdoor season as needed.

A landscape designer, like L & L Excavation & Landscaping, can look at the current layout of your house and the trees around the property, and determine which plants will be best where, because of the amount of sunlight that the area will receive and because of the type of soil you have. They can also let you know how often to water, what type of sprinkler system would be best, and what needs to be done annually to make sure that your yard looks great after you invest time and money into it. Have a couple of different landscape professionals come and show you designs and greenery options.