Transform A Planting Bed Into A Focal Point

Posted on: 19 May 2017

Many homeowners take a casual approach to gardening. They go to the local garden supply, pick up some plants that catch their eye, and plant them in their planting bed. This results in a lovely garden bed. However, maybe you'd like to take your landscaping to the next level. Transform that planting bed into a gardening focal point with deliberate planting and accent piece additions.

Raised Garden Bed

The first step you should consider is turning a flat planting bed into a raised one. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, a raised bed allows you to garden without hurting your back and also cuts down on weeds. What's more, raising the bed already draws the eye to your mini garden. The material you choose to raise the bed depends on the look you want. Stone is the most permanent, but a wooden bed is easier to construct. You could also buy an oversized metal or concrete planter to use as a raised garden bed.

Architectural Plant

The anchoring piece of your garden bed will be an architectural plant. If you've chosen to keep your bed flat, consider planting an ornamental tree or bush. Different varieties of crape or dogwood trees, crabapple and magnolia are beautiful anchor trees, though they can grow tall. Consider a flowering bush, such as mockorange or butterfly bush, for a shorter option. You could also plant a tall cactus or tropical plant as your anchor, depending on the style of garden you want. Plant your anchor off-center for a more natural effect.

Accent Piece

The next step is choosing a garden accent piece. Again, if your bed remains flat, you could add a water fountain or a bench. The latter is especially fetching if you're planting an ornamental tree. However, a smaller water fountain or other décor item works well for a raised garden bed. You could choose a birdhouse, a small statue or something unusual like an armillary or pagoda. Indeed, if you're aiming for a certain style of garden, such as Japanese or Southwest, your accent piece is the best way to promote that style. Place the accent item slightly away from your architectural plant but close enough so they share a connection.

Filler Plants

Here's where you can go to your local nursery, like Boulder Works, and choose plants that catch your eye. However, try to keep a cohesive look for your planting bed. Choose plants in a similar palette but in different heights. Likewise, don't forget the groundcover – you don't want the soil peeking out between the plants. If you have a raised bed, consider planting spiller plants – those with vines that spill over the lip – at the edge.

Give your landscaping wow factor by making your planting bed into a garden focal point.