• 4 Different Ways To Automate Your Landscaping Care To Save Energy And Water

    If you want to improve your landscaping with environmentally friendly improvements that use less water and energy, there are many ways to automate maintenance. Today, the options for landscaping maintenance automation go far beyond the simple irrigation timers for sprinklers. The following automation ideas can help improve your landscaping maintenance with greener solutions that take advantage of modern technology: 1. Improve Your Landscaping Irrigation with Hydro Turbines to Power Controls
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  • Tips to Install and Use Water-Saving Features in Your Landscaping

    The design and planning of your yard's landscaping will determine its appearance and growth and its ability to improve or detract from your home's value. Along with planning attractive landscaping, you and your landscaper will need to consider how you will keep it watered for the optimal health of your vegetation. Here are some options you can add into your outdoor landscaping plan to maximize your yard's water use to best keep your landscaping maintained while you prevent water loss.
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