4 Different Ways To Automate Your Landscaping Care To Save Energy And Water

Posted on: 1 August 2019

If you want to improve your landscaping with environmentally friendly improvements that use less water and energy, there are many ways to automate maintenance. Today, the options for landscaping maintenance automation go far beyond the simple irrigation timers for sprinklers. The following automation ideas can help improve your landscaping maintenance with greener solutions that take advantage of modern technology:

1. Improve Your Landscaping Irrigation with Hydro Turbines to Power Controls

There are options to improve your landscaping system with mini hydro turbines, which can be used to power things like controllers and power small pumps or charge battery systems. These turbines take advantage of water pressure to provide the energy needed for many of the low-voltage landscaping irrigation systems that you use for your landscaping.

2. Add Drip Irrigation Systems to Control the Water Used for Flowerbeds, Trees, and Plants

The drip irrigation systems that are installed to water your landscaping can also help to save energy and water. Drip irrigation works well for areas like vegetable gardens, perennial flowers, and plants like shrubs that you have planted in flower beds.

3. Give Your Landscaping Exactly the Water That Is Needed with Complete Weather Station Controls

It is also important to give your landscaping exactly the water that is needed to ensure healthy plants and greener grass. This can be difficult with just a timer that turns the sprinklers on no matter what the weather is like. Today, there are options for complete weather stations, that use weather forecasts, soil sensors, and rain gauges to know when plants need watering and when they don't.

4. Automate the Tasks of Cutting Grass and Raking with Remote Controlled Lawn Mowers

In addition to the watering of your landscaping, you will want to consider automating your lawn care. One option is to use remote-controlled lawn mowers, which can also mulch clippings and clean up the leaves that fall from the trees during the autumn months. You can choose between systems that use the remote to control their operation and completely automated remote-controlled lawnmowers that will cut the lawn for you when it needs to be cut without you needing to do anything.

These are some of the ways you can automate the landscaping maintenance for your home and save energy and water. If you are ready to start improving your landscaping maintenance with automated features, contact a remote-control lawnmower service to automate the lawn care needs of your landscaping.