The Green Thumbed Guide To Winter Lawn Care For Greener Grass Come Spring

Posted on: 17 October 2019

The winter months are a time of the year when you may forget about landscape maintenance like cutting and caring for the grass. This is also a time of the year when good lawn care will ensure your grass is greener when spring comes. The following tips and tricks will help ensure your grass stays healthy through the dormant winter months and comes back greener next spring.

Dethatch and Aerate the Lawn to Allow for New Growth and Healthier Roots

One of the first things that you will want to do when you begin winter lawn care is dethatching the lawn. This is the process of raking out old growth and dead grass to allow for new roots and healthy growth in spring. After dethatching, the lawn can be aerated to allow air to reach the roots for healthier turf.

Apply Soil Medium and Fertilizer Treatments to Provide Grass Lawns with Nutrients

Even during the winter months, dormant grass still needs water and nutrients to start healthy new growth when spring comes. Therefore, you will want to have a fertilizer treatment applied to the lawn once it has been dethatched and aerated. In addition, you may want to consider adding a soil medium to the grass for a smoother lawn and better soil for new growth.

Over Seeding the Lawn Before Spring to Ensure Healthy New Grass for A Greener Lawn

The winter months are a good time to start planning on seeding your lawn before next spring. The seed mixture can be planted early and include species that are ideal for colder weather, which will give you green grass in the later winter months. The seeding of your lawn during the winter months will help to establish new roots for new growth and a healthier, greener turf next spring.

Be Aware of Damage Due to Winter Weather and Avoid Walking on The Lawn During the Cold Weather

The most important thing to remember during the winter months, it to not walk on the lawn during the cold dormant season. In addition, you want to be aware of problems during winter weather, which can cause the grass lawn to be more vulnerable to damage, such as ice that can kill the grass. Therefore, you want to avoid watering your lawn and gardens when cold weather is coming that can cause icing and kill the root systems of grass and plants.

Winter is a time of the year when you want to do some of the lawn care that healthy grass needs, as well as be aware of what you can do to prevent damage to the turf. If you need help with some of the winter treatments, contact a lawn care service. Contact a company like 512landscaping for more information.