Tree Care: Important Springtime Tree Maintenance Will Keep Your Landscape Looking Good

Posted on: 19 May 2023

Trees are one of the most important parts of an attractive landscape. However, without proper maintenance trees can lose some of their aesthetic properties. Having a landscaping company perform a checkup of your landscape trees every spring is the best way to keep your trees happy and healthy.

Give your trees a checkup 

It is not uncommon for a tree to become diseased and not show many outward signs. In fact, you may not even notice until the damage is severe. Your landscaping company is trained to look for subtle signs of disease and will inspect each tree to look for any red flags that your tree is not healthy.

Check the soil moisture around trees

Trees that are not getting enough water or not getting water deep into their root structure will not be as robust as they should be. Even if you think your tree is getting plenty of water, the condition of the soil around the tree can provide valuable clues to how well-watered your trees are. Your landscaping company can test the soil and recommend solutions to make sure your trees are getting the water necessary for healthy growth.

If you have a sprinkler system or irrigation system installed, your landscaping company can check for the proper placement of the system. They can also check for any leaks or breaks in the system that may need to be addressed.

Replenish mulch

Having a good base of several inches of mulch is important for weed control and holding moisture in the ground around a tree. Mulch should be spread out a few feet around the tree to maintain good moisture levels. Over time mulch can deteriorate or wash away and your landscaping company can determine if any needs replaced.

Manage weeds

Weeds can compete with trees for moisture and nutrients, which may deprive your trees of the essential nutrients they need for proper growth. Some common lawn weeds can invade the root crown and cause fungus to develop. Your landscaping company will eliminate any weeds that are posing a danger to your trees.

When you designed your landscape, you probably invested a good deal of money in the best trees to make your property attractive. Keeping your trees healthy is important, as they can become damaged by strong winds and drought or become infested with various diseases. Your landscaping contractor is the best resource you have for keeping your trees in the best shape possible.

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