Use Ornamental Grasses And Hardscape Materials To Create Decorative Borders

Posted on: 16 March 2023

Ornamental grasses and hardscape materials can be used to create decorative borders in your backyard. Purchase a mix of products that will add color and texture around flower beds and along pathways.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses require little maintenance. Ornamental products include true grass varieties and grass-like plants. Ornamental greenery tends to grow in clumps or mounds. A grass variety will prevent soil erosion and will act as a wind barrier.

Starter grass products are sold in containers. Some nurseries may feature grass varieties that come in biodegradable pots. Ornamental products like these can easily be transplanted in your yard. After digging holes along the section of land where you would like to add a border, set each biodegradable pot within one of the holes that you have created.

Many grass and plant species that are classified as ornamental varieties will not require much rainfall. Ornamental vegetation is suitable for planting in climates that receive moderate rainfall or little rainfall.

Hardscape Materials

Hardscape materials include pavers, bricks, natural stones, rocks, concrete blocks, and slabs. Hardscape materials can be used to create a wind barrier. They can also be used to contain soil that is within a decorative display.

Hardscape materials can be used to construct retaining walls, footpaths, enclosures, and many other types of landscape features. Hardscape materials may contain a smooth or rough surface. Hardscape supplies are resilient to moisture and are often designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Landscape Strategies

Assess the layout of your residential landscape. Consider what types of colors and textures you would like to add to your property. If the landscape lacks a lot of decorative features, you may want to add many colorful grass varieties and hardscape materials to your property.

Before you shop for new landscape materials, mow your lawn and remove weeds and yard debris from your property. Outline the areas where you would like to add a border. Consider how much space you will be filling with the new additions. The use of a measuring tape will help you assess how long and wide each new border will be.

Once you have created the preliminary landscaping steps, shop for grass varieties and hardscape materials that are featured at a local nursery. Review the growing guidelines that various ornamental plants feature. Pick out grass varieties and hardscape materials that will adequately fit within the space that you have outlined on your property.