4 Services A Residential Landscape Contractor Provides To Keep Your Lawn Tidy And Attractive

Posted on: 2 February 2023

If you have a hard time keeping your yard in good shape, consider working with a residential landscape contractor. If your property often looks overgrown, or if your grass won't grow, a landscaper can help by keeping your yard groomed and healthy. Here are some important services a residential landscape contractor might provide.

1. Feed And Seed Your Grass

Grass often needs help to stay healthy. This includes things like adding fertilizer at the right time of year, applying weed killers, spreading seeds, and applying pesticides when needed. These treatments give your grass the nourishment they need while getting rid of competition from weeds and insects.

2. Mow, Edge, And Trim On Schedule

Grass should be mowed on a regular schedule to keep it at a uniform height and to keep it healthy. Plus, a lawn that's neatly trimmed and edged is attractive. When your lawn is manicured on a regular schedule, it doesn't have a chance to get scraggly. By hiring a residential landscaper to do the work, you're free to go on vacation and forget about your yard since it will be in good hands with a landscape contractor.

3. Trim Shrubs And Trees

You may need the trees and shrubs on your property trimmed back every year or so, depending on how tall they are. Shrubs can grow fast and grow in wild directions, so regular trimming and pruning are important to keep them attractive.

Trees also need regular trimming until they get tall enough to tower over your house where growing branches can't hurt anything. Pruning trees at a young age is also important so the trees grow properly, look attractive, and have their weight distributed evenly.

4. Plant New Trees, Flowers, And Plants

You may want more than just grass in your yard. A residential landscape contractor can put in colorful flowers, hardy plants, and new trees to make your yard even more attractive. They can select varieties that don't need a lot of care. They may even install an irrigation system if your yard doesn't have one already so your plants and grass get all the water they need to thrive.

The great thing about letting a landscaper do all the work is that you'll finally have an attractive lawn without the need to do much work on your own. If you hate working in the yard on your days off, then hiring a professional residential landscape contractor is a good idea so your lawn doesn't suffer from a lack of care. Instead of being embarrassed by a lawn that always looks bad, you'll have a lawn you're proud of.