How Tall Should Your Lawn Be? 5 Factors To Keep In Mind

Posted on: 24 October 2022

How short or tall should your lawn be? Most property owners want a beautiful, lush lawn but also need to balance this against the cost and care needed to keep it that way. So you don't want to overdo or underestimate your lawn mowing needs. So, what's the right height? It depends on a few factors. Here's what you may need to consider. 

1. Type of Grass

First of all, what species of grass do you have? Different grasses have different tolerances when it comes to height. Fescue and bahia, for instance, like to be taller. Zoysia and Bermuda grass, though, prefer a shorter cut. 

2. The Season

During the growing season, the lawn can generally be cut around the same height each time. Many experts suggest you start with a standard height of 2.5 to 3 inches and adjust from there. However, at certain key points, you may want to keep it shorter or longer. Try a short mowing style in the spring to remove winter damage and start fresh in the growing season. 

3. Lawn Care Issues

What challenges does your lawn face? If you're fighting weeds, for example, longer and thicker grass helps crowd out unwanted weed growth. However, if pests are an issue, you may not want to give them extra moisture and shade to make homes. 

4. Upcoming Stressors

Lawns face the elements all year round, but you can help shore them up to beat the stressors they deal with. Grasses facing a drought or the hottest part of summer do well when left a little longer to provide more shade. Lawns prepping for winter snowstorms are less likely to develop snow mold when kept shorter as winter arrives. 

5. Current Height

Whatever your final lawn height goals, don't go wild with the first mowing. If you cut more than about 1/3 of the height of the blades at one time, you can shock the grass. Shock can undo all your tender care and make the grass less likely to thrive. If the grass hasn't been mowed in a while, work your way to the desired length over two or more mowing sessions. 

Where to Start

With so many factors in play when choosing the ideal lawn height, your best resource is an experienced lawn care company. They will work with you to identify the best practices to help your grass stay happy and healthy all year long. Make an appointment with a local lawn care company today to learn more.