Keys To Approaching Excavation For A Construction Project

Posted on: 23 June 2022

One of the earliest stages of construction for many projects is excavation. It involves moving dirt and other materials to make way for things like foundations. If you're looking to have success with excavation for a project you're working on, follow this guide carefully.

Prevent Trench Collapses From Happening 

Trenches are often made when excavation takes place, whether it's to put in plumbing or electrical systems. If there will be trenches around your excavation site, then it's paramount to prevent them from collapsing because that could result in significant injuries.

There are a couple of strategies that can help you avoid a collapse, such as removing excess materials far away from the trench and building up the interior walls enough before working around the surrounding area. You should monitor the condition of trenches regularly to make a note of any conditional changes. Then if they occur, you can respond appropriately. 

Update Plans When Site Conditions Change 

Sometimes around a site where excavation is taking place, site conditions change. It might have to do with soil conditions or areas that need to be excavated. It's important to update your plans as these site conditions take place.

Then you'll be prepared to conduct excavation safely and with the appropriate equipment. You just need to keep a log system going that documents any site changes that come about each day. You can check this log and make a note of relevant changes, making it easy to adapt over time if need be.

Go Through OSHA Training

If you want to make sure you're fully prepared for everything that excavation will require for a project, then what you need to do is go through OSHA training. It's the standard for a lot of construction projects like this that require heavy-duty machinery and a collective effort from contractors.

You can even take OSHA training online and then learn important excavation protocols in a convenient manner, such as what equipment will be required, how to manage it, and what to watch out for around an excavation site. This training ultimately will get you up to speed on the most vital aspects of excavation in no time. 

If you need to first excavate an area before building a structure, then it's important to take your time with this process and have a strategy from the very beginning. Then you'll be more measured and thus have smoother excavation operations to look forward to. 

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