Organic Lawn Care Tips And Options

Posted on: 1 June 2022

There are many homeowners that will want to utilize organic options when it comes to meeting their lawn care needs. However, they may avoid pursuing this option because they assume that it will be extremely difficult to effectively use organic options to keep the lawn healthy and growing. Luckily, many of the strategies that you can use will be relatively easy and affordable to implement.

Allow Leaves To Decompose

During the fall months, a large number of leaves may land on your lawn from the trees on the property. Ideally, these leaves should be left on the ground to fully decompose. This decomposition will return nutrients to the soil so that the property owner will be less likely to need to add supplement nutrients and fertilizers to the ground. If you are wanting to minimize the amount of time that the leaves are on the ground, wetting the leaves with a hose or sprinkler system can rapidly increase the rate at which the leaves decay.

Fill Patchy Areas Of The Lawn

Over time, there are areas of your lawn that may become noticeably thinner than the surrounding grass. There can be many reasons for this problem to develop, but it can be an eyesore that stands out from the rest of the landscaping. In some cases, the patchy areas of the lawn can increase erosion, which may allow the problem to spread. To combat this problem, a homeowner may apply a small amount of grass seed to these areas during the spring months. In most cases, the seed will be able to sprout and start growing quickly to fill in the area. When choosing seed products, you may want to avoid those that are already fertilized as they may contain artificial chemicals that you may be trying to avoid using on your property.

Use Compose To Supplement The Nutrients In The Soil

The nutrients in your property's soil may eventually need to be replenished to help keep the lawn full and healthy. An effective option for meeting this need while avoiding harsh fertilizing products can be to spread a thin layer of compost over the lawn. This can be an excellent soil of nutrients that will filter and mix into the soil under the lawn. When applying this coating, you will need to avoid making it too thick as this could deprive the grass of sunlight. Additionally, you may want to be mindful of the fact that compost can be both difficult and unpleasant to spread over a lawn. Fortunately, you will not have to handle this difficult task as you can hire an organic lawn care service to spread the supplementary compost around the property

For more information about organic lawn care, contact a lawn service in your area.