2 Landscaping Mistakes That Lead to Expensive Maintenance Costs

Posted on: 29 April 2022

Landscaping provides a property with a unique aesthetic appeal and also uplifts the property's value. As a result, you need to conduct regular landscape maintenance services to ensure you continue enjoying such benefits. 

However, landscape maintenance costs can sometimes become too expensive. Therefore, property owners try to devise various ways of cutting their landscaping costs. In most cases, landscaping maintenance becomes costly when you make mistakes. 

Here are two common mistakes that lead to expensive landscape maintenance costs.

1. Using Seasonal Plants

Plants are an integral part of any landscape, but most property owners don't research which plants they use for their landscaping. In most cases, property owners only look at the aesthetics the plants provide. 

When choosing plants for your landscape, consider whether they are seasonal or perennial plants. Seasonal plants blossom and die seasonally irrespective of how well you cater to their needs. On the other hand, perennial plants can last for years, provided you meet their needs. 

Using seasonal plants for your landscaping is an expensive mistake because you have to replant them every other season. The frequent purchasing and replanting of seasonal plants increase your landscaping maintenance cost. 

Thus, property owners should opt for perennial plants instead of seasonal plants. Unlike seasonal plants, perennial plants survive all seasons. And, even if they wither during some seasons, they flourish during their blossoming seasons. Hence, you don't need to replant your landscape once or twice every year. 

2. Watering During the Day

Watering the grass and plants on your property ensures they don't dry up and die due to dehydration. Nonetheless, how you water your landscape also contributes to your landscaping maintenance costs. 

Most people think that watering plants during the day is ideal, but watering your landscape when the sun is up isn't the most efficient watering method. Though mulch helps keep the water in the ground, the hot summer sun can heat the ground, causing water to evaporate. The best time to water your landscape is at night. Watering at night ensures that the water remains in the ground for a longer time, thus allowing the plants to take in as much water as possible before the sun rises. 

When you switch to watering your landscape at night, you don't need to water your landscape as often as you would during the day. You end up reducing your landscaping maintenance costs by saving money on your water bills.