5 Tips To Help Snowbirds Maintain Two Healthy Yards All Year

Posted on: 25 January 2022

Are you a snowbird dividing your time between a warmer southern climate and a cooler northern one? Because snowbirds maintain two households, they must plan for more than just one set of seasonal changes in their yard. They must, in fact, accommodate the unique qualities of each location and the quirk of being gone part of the time. To help you do this successfully, here are five tips for both your landscapes.

1. Learn About the Climate

Each of your two residences is in a vastly different climate, geography, and weather area. So you'll need to familiarize yourself with the different effects and needs of both. Learn about native plants, insects, and small wildlife. Test the soil to learn what does well in it. Find out about common weather issues so you can prepare for them. 

2. Stay Native

The best way for snowbirds to keep two healthy landscapes is to focus on native plants in each. As much as you may like certain plants from one home, avoid the temptation to try to transplant them to the other climate. Stay away from overly exotic plants, as well, as these will need too much care while you're away. 

3. Set Up Irrigation

A good, automated irrigation plan will do a lot of the work of keeping both yards attractive without being overrun. That irrigation system should be highly tailored to the plants in each yard, making good use of a drip system. Drip systems use the least amount of water and have less chance of going wrong while you're away. 

4. Be Simple But Effective

Don't give up on having a nice landscape just because each home will be partly unoccupied. You can have an attractive yard all year long by focusing on quality rather than quantity. Large-leafed shrubs, for instance, or ground covers that easily spread provide a lot of greenery and coverage with controlled and simple plantings. 

5. Have It Maintained

Finally, whatever landscape you opt for, have it checked on and maintained while you're gone. Contract with a reputable landscape service to check on the plants and irrigation system as well as keep everything tidy once a month when the house is closed up. Ask for an update from them as well. 

Want more tips for designing and keeping healthy yards in two very different climates? No matter what your schedule or property type, the best place to begin is by meeting with a quality landscaping service in the local area. Make an appointment today.