3 Land Clearing Options To Prep Property For Sale

Posted on: 15 November 2021

Although homes are selling quickly in today's real estate market, an empty lot may sit on the market for months or even years. Clearing the land in preparation of an eventual build is one way to add sufficient value to an urban lot so that it is purchased for development much more quickly. 

1. Brush Cleanup

The simplest form of clearing, and the one with the least amount of upfront cost, is simple brush cleanup. Overgrown grasses and brush is mowed down as close to the ground as possible. The debris, including any trash that has collected on the lot, is then removed and taken to the dump. The process may need to be completed every few months as the grass grows back until the property sells.

Brush cleanup is a good option for a lot that is generally cleared but tends to become a bit weedy. It can also improve the look of urban lots that have become dumping grounds. Regular cleanup will also prevent code violation fines as well as make the lot more attractive to buyers.

2. Surface Mulching

If you have a large lot that still has scrappy old trees or large shrubs on it, as well as smaller brush, then surface mulching may be the better option. A piece of equipment called a forestry mulcher can cut trees and brush off at the base and then grind them into mulch. The mulch is left in place to suppress the growth of new plants.

Choose surface mulching if you have a large lot to clear and you want to spend the least effort and cost, as the lack of dump fees does reduce the cost of clearing. Surface mulching can also allow for selective removal so that larger and more attractive trees can be left in place to help attract buyers.

3. Site Prep

A full site prep requires not just removing the brush, but also the use of heavy equipment to pull out stumps and to level and grade the building site. This is the most costly and time consuming land clearing option, but it can make your property much more appealing to buyers since it is build-ready.

Opt for full site prep only if you are having trouble moving the land and you are sure you can earn back the investment when you sell. You may also choose to do a site prep if you are adding value to the land before selling, such as putting in septic or running in the municipal water lines. 

Contact a land clearing service, such as K&K Landscape Service, if you want to further prepare a lot so it sells quickly.