Benefits Of Sod And Getting It From The Sod Farm

Posted on: 27 September 2021

If you want a great-looking lawn, then sod can be the right choice. If you have only just begun to look into ways to get the perfect lawn, then you may not understand some of the reasons why sod is such a good choice. Here is some information on great reasons for going with sod and why it may also be best to get your sod directly from a sod farm

Some advantages of sod

No waiting 

Why wait for over a year for a fantastic-looking lawn, when you can have it right away? Opting for sod allows you to bypass that very long weighting period after seeding. Instead of waiting and looking at a yard that's not what you want for a long time, you can soon have it looking great. 

Know what the final results will be

When seeding, you really don't know how that lawn will end up coming in. You can do all of that waiting only to find that there are several problems that lead to the lawn not coming in quite as you had hoped. When you had sod laid, you already know the final results because you will see them right in front of you. This takes all of the guesswork out of turning your yard into the yard you have imagined it could be. 

Have a denser lawn

Once you have sod laid, it will give you a denser lawn. This means it will look lush, and it will also feel much more comfortable to walk on. You can also begin walking on the freshly laid sod after only a couple of weeks. 

Some benefits of going straight to a sod farm

Get the freshest sod possible

When you order sod from a company, you have an increased chance of ending up with a lower-quality sod. This is not what you want for your yard. Going to a sod farm allows you to get sod that has been carefully grown and manicured to ensure the lawn will not only look good but also be exceptionally healthy. The sod will come to you fresh from the sod farm, instead of having sat around not being properly tended to. 

Count on ongoing support

Another fantastic reason for going with sod from a sod farm is to have constant access to good support. Sod farms put a lot of care into their products, and they want to ensure their sod offers you years of pleasure. Should you have any questions and concerns about your sod in the future, you can reach out to them and expect to get helpful advice and information.