Hardscape Installation Tips for a Beautiful Yard Landscaping

Posted on: 31 March 2021

Your yard's landscape planning starts with choosing your layout and adding vegetation to provide shade, privacy, and wildlife sanctuary. But you don't want to forget pavement to provide solid and durable surfaces and materials that will enhance your yard's attractive vegetation. Here are some recommendations to help you install and maintain your yard's hardscape landscaping elements.

Plan a Variety of Pavements

There are many different types of pavement that you can use to improve upon your property. With the right design of pavement against the vegetation, your yard and home exterior will look great and improve the area for you to get the most and best use from it. Look for installing a patio or outdoor deck that connects to your home's exterior doors where you can spend time in the fresh air relaxing, eating, cooking, or playing. 

If you need to install a parking area or driveway, you can look at installing a green driveway where you use landscape pavers that establish an interlocking mesh for grass or other vegetation to grow up through the openings. You can add in a ribbon driveway with lawn up the center and along the sides of the pavement to provide more vegetation and permeable against excessive erosion and runoff. A ribbon driveway provides the function of the driveway but will also reduce the amount of heat absorption from the summer sun and will help reduce the outdoor temperature and your comfort.

Use concrete bricks or wood to construct edges for your vegetable or flower gardens. This type of hardscape blends in well with your garden but also improves the function of your space to raise it for easier weeding and working in the soil.

When you want to add in a walkway or patio with concrete, look at options to form your own concrete stepping stones, or add in decorative gravel, brickwork pavers, or flagstone surrounded with mulch or pea gravel. These additions will give you the benefits of hardscaping but with a more permeable option that mixes up the design style.

Keep Up the Edges and Surfaces

After you have installed your pavement or hardscaping of choice, be sure you keep up on its maintenance to protect your investment in it and to keep it looking nice. If you have installed paving stones, watch out for weed growth between the pavers, which can occur over time as weed seeds become invasive. Also watch out for lawn growing into the cracks of and around your concrete slabs. You can apply a non-selective herbicide to help remove unwanted vegetation growth that will mar the appearance of your concrete and also cause extra damage.

Talk to your local hardscape contractors to learn more tips.