The Spring Sprinkler Installation Guide To Get Ready For Greener Landscaping This Year

Posted on: 29 January 2021

If the dry summer weather causes your landscaping to turn into a desert, it may be time to install a sprinkler system. Modern sprinkler systems can use the latest technology to efficiently irrigate your landscaping. This will give you healthier turf and plants. The following spring sprinkler installation guide will prepare your landscaping for the dry season:

Start with Backflow Prevention

The backflow prevention devices of residential irrigation systems are important. In most areas, these systems are required by law and need to be inspected. They are the devices that protect the water supply from contamination from fertilizers and other chemicals used in landscaping. Therefore, a backflow prevention device should be one of the components that are installed with the sprinkler system. You want to have the backflow prevention device checked annually before using sprinkler systems during the spring months.

Smart Irrigation Control Systems

Modern smart irrigation controls are another solution that you are going to need for your new sprinklers. These smart controls can have various features, including:

  • Soil sensors for detecting moisture content
  • Internet connections for information and remote access
  • Weather station and weather forecast integrations

The right controls for your sprinklers will ensure your landscaping gets watered when it needs it. This reduces your water consumption and keeps grass and plants healthy throughout the dry season.

Sprinklers for Efficient Turf Irrigation

The sprinklers are the most important component of your system. They can also be where a lot of water gets wasted when irrigating. Thus, you want to choose sprinklers that use less water so you can pay less for your utility bills. In addition, you only want to use sprinklers where they are needed, such as for grass turf and other ground coverings.

Alternative Irrigation Solutions for Sprinklers

The sprinklers are not the only option you have to irrigate your lawn. There are several other options for irrigation systems that you can use. Other irrigation designs that you will want to consider include:

  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Soaker hoses
  • Surface irrigation

These sprinkler alternatives can be installed by the sprinkler installation service. Using a combination of sprinkler, soaker, and drip systems will provide you with the most efficient system. These irrigation solutions deliver water directly to the roots of plants where it is needed.

Updated sprinklers will ensure your landscaping has the irrigation it needs during the driest weather. Contact a sprinkler installation service to talk to them about these solutions to improve your irrigation.