What To Do If A Tree Blows Down On Your Home

Posted on: 20 November 2020

If you're like many people who have just purchased a home with mature landscaping that includes tall, towering trees, you're probably looking forward to enjoying summer days in your backyard relaxing under the shade of one of your beautiful trees. You're probably also aware that large, thriving trees increase the curb appeal of your home, and they often even provide your home with an extra layer of safety by acting as a windbreak. However, one thing you're probably not looking forward to is having to deal with the aftermath of a strong windstorm that knocks down one of your trees, but unfortunately, that's a risk everyone with trees in their yard takes. 

Here's what you need to do if a tree in your yard blows down during a storm and hits your house:

Safely Evacuate the Premises if Possible

If a tree falls on your home, chances are good that major damage has occurred — and this could mean that the structure could partially collapse if its framework has been stressed enough. If the home has more than one story, get everyone to the main floor as soon as possible. If you and your family are unable to safely leave the home for any reason because of downed power lines or blocked exits, gather household residents in the part of the home that's farthest from where the tree landed when it blew down. If the power has been knocked out, unplug all appliances and electronics and shut the main breaker switch off. 

Call for Help

If a careful inspection of the property reveals downed power lines or power poles that are showing signs of damage, your first call should be to your local electric company to come out and assess the situation. Under no circumstances should you touch a downed power line. The second call you make should be to a 24/7 tree service so that they can come out and remove the downed tree from your yard — but before they start work, make sure you take a series of photographs to give to your insurance carrier to help with your claim for damage.

Prevention Matters

Hiring a residential tree care service to inspect your trees on a regular basis is an excellent way to minimize the chances of a tree blowing down during a windstorm. Trained technicians can recognize the signs and symptoms of a tree that's in danger of becoming a safety hazard during a storm and take preventive measures to stop that from happening. For instance, a tree that's developed a distinct lean may be in danger of blowing down, and a tree care service can put a brace in place to keep the tree from toppling in high winds. 

If you need help immediately, contact a local 24/7 emergency tree service