What You Need To Know before Your First Power Washing Service Call

Posted on: 24 March 2018

Is the outside of your home looking dingy? Dust, dirt, algae, and moss can leave a dull sheen or discoloration over walls, pathways, and patios. A deep scrub may remedy the problem, but that solution is both time and labor intensive. A better option is to invest in power washing services. These services use water under high pressure to peel off layers of grime. The following can help you prepare for the first session.

What materials can be power washed?

Generally, any material that is safe for outdoor use is safe to power wash. Stone, brick, vinyl, stucco, and even wood and glass can all be cleaned with this method. This is because the service adjusts the power of the water to match the material. For example, at low pressure, the water stream removes grime from a wood fence. At a slightly higher pressure, it can be used to strip the old paint. The only concern is areas with unsealed grout or sand joints, such as a dry-fit paver patio. Power washing can clean the pavers, but it may wash the sands out of the joints. If the pavers are in serious need of a deep cleaning, it may be worth it to power wash anyways and add fresh joint sand afterwards.

How does one prepare for power washing?

First and foremost, put away any outdoor items that aren't intended for power washing. This includes outdoor furniture and any decorative items. If you have plants growing near the power wash site, such as bushes growing up against the siding, trim them before your power washing appointment. Inquire with the service if they have any requirements for protecting flower beds. Many services use drapes over flower beds, for example, to protect flowers from the water pressure and any cleaners that are used, but you may need to mark the sensitive beds beforehand.

Can a window be broken?

A major concern, particularly when siding is being washed, is that of a broken window. The good news is that power washing is safe for windows as long as the right pressure is used. Most broken windows that you hear about are caused by amateur homeowners using the wrong pressure or losing control of the power washer. A professional service works regularly with glass, so professional technicians will adjust the pressure and get the windows sparkling clean, along with the surrounding siding.

If you have more questions or are ready to schedule your power washing visit, contact a service like KANSAS CLEAN PROPERTIES.