Looking For Humane Ways To Keep Wildlife Off Your Grass? 3 Landscaping Tips

Posted on: 31 January 2018

Keeping some of the wildlife off your yard can be a necessity if you want the landscaping to look great and not have holes on the grass or other problems that can be caused by wildlife. While you may be familiar with trapping or using chemicals to get some of the wildlife off your yard, you may be more interested in preventive measures that are more humane for deterring wildlife.

Instead of just trying different methods and hoping for the best, consider some of the following landscaping tips that can keep wildlife from calling your yard home.

Eliminate Plants That Can Draw in Wildlife

The kinds of plants you have in your yard can make a big impact in how interested wildlife will be with visiting your yard. Some plants are natural foods for some of the wildlife that could visit your yard, including deer and squirrels. Taking a look at what kind of plants you have can help you determine whether some of them are just too enticing for wildlife.

With this in mind, you'll be able to limit the kind of plants in your yard to ones that won't attract wildlife.

Use Gravel to Fill Any Discovered Holes

If you had any groundhogs or mole problems in your yard, it can be a reoccurring issue if you don't take care of filling any holes that they were calling home. Filling holes can be relatively quick and can make it much harder for them to return again to your yard. This will help ensure that once you get rid of the groundhog or mole problem from your yard, it's less likely to occur again.

Prioritize Fencing Around Your Yard

As you begin checking out different ways to keep wildlife out of the yard entirely, it's a good idea to look for a deterrent that can be great for treating your yard. Having fencing built around the yard that's dug deep can make it impossible for some animals to crawl underneath or scale the fencing. This can make a big difference in how secure your yard is and ensure that wildlife simply can't walk right up to your yard.

Taking your time getting familiar with lawn care that's great for keeping wildlife out can make a big difference in how well maintained your yard is and whether you will be frustrated by any damages that they can do without proper preventive measures. Talk to local landscapers for more information.