Taking Care Of A Bamboo Plant In Your Office

Posted on: 17 October 2017

Incorporating a living plant into your office decor can be a great way to liven up a professional work environment. Living plants can add beauty to an office space, and these plants can also help to improve indoor air quality and contribute to the overall tranquility of your office. Bamboo plants for the office are beneficial because they are aesthetically pleasing and simple to care for.

Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure your office's bamboo plant remains looking its best well into the future:

1. Select the right pot.

The first thing you should do when trying to care for your office's bamboo plant properly is ensure that the bamboo is potted in the right container.

Bamboo plants need adequate drainage in order to remain healthy, so the pot you select should have several large holes in the bottom where excess moisture can drain away from the bamboo's roots. You should also look for a wide, squat pot to ensure that the plant's roots have enough room to grow properly.

2. Make sure your plant remains humid.

A bamboo plant's natural environment is a very humid one. This means that your office's bamboo will grow best when humidity levels are high. Since the air in an office can be on the dry side, you should add a humidity tray to your bamboo plant to ensure adequate growth.

Just fill a tray with attractive pebbles, then place the bamboo's pot on top of the pebbles. Add some water to the tray, but ensure that the water doesn't actually come into contact with the bottom of your plant's pot. This will ensure that as the water underneath the pot evaporates, your bamboo will benefit from the humidity generated during evaporation.

3. Keep the soil in your plant's pot shallow.

Because a bamboo plant needs adequate drainage for optimal health, you should ensure that the soil in your bamboo plant's pot is shallow. A good rule to remember when evaluating soil depth is that the very top of the root ball and the plant's full stem should be visible above the soil's surface.

Maintaining shallow soil will help to prevent root rot from killing your bamboo plant in the future.

Being able to properly care for your bamboo plant will allow the foliage to serve as a focal point in your office space. Choose the right pot, provide access to a humidity tray, and keep soil shallow and your office bamboo plant will thrive.