Benefits Of Using Mulch In Your Landscaping

Posted on: 24 September 2017

The use of mulch for your property can be a useful addition to make. While many people may enjoy the appearance of mulch around large and woody plants, they may not realize the full extent of the benefits that mulch can provide. As a result, these individuals can severely underestimate the need to use this material around their property.

Minimize Soil Erosion

Heavy rainfall can cause some of the nutrient-rich topsoil to wash away. When this problem is occurring, it can be difficult to grow plants as the soil washing away will expose the roots. Also, this will remove much of the essential nutrients and minerals from the soil, which can lead to chronic health problems for any plants that manage to take root. Mulch will help to reduce this problem as it will slow any water that is washing over the soil, and it will soften the impacts of raindrops hitting the soil.

Restore Nutrients To The Soil

As the plants grow, they will gradually start to extract the nutrients out of the soil. Over the course of time, this problem can lead to the soil's nutrient contents becoming out of balance. Mulch will gradually decompose, and this can help to return these nutrients to the soil. While you may still need to add fertilizer to the soil, the decomposing mulch will help to slow the nutrient drain.

Inhibit Weed Growth

Weeds can be a constant problem for any landscaping. These unwanted plants can be an eyesore on your property, and they can create complications for your other plants. These complications can include increase competition for the nutrients in the soil, root space, sunlight and other essentials for healthy plants. If you are wanting to minimize your use of herbicides for preventing weed growth, mulch can be an excellent alternative. The mulch will help to prevent weeds from being able to take root. For the best result, should ensure that the mulch is at least an inch or two deep.

Reduced Water Needs

Keeping your plants sufficiently moist can require you to regularly water the soil with a hose or sprinkler. During the hottest and driest times of the year, you may need to spend a surprising amount of time watering your plants. Mulch can help to reduce this need as it will slow the rate of evaporation. By keeping the soil around your plants moist for longer periods of time, you can give the roots more time to absorb this moisture while also reducing the frequency of watering.

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