Backyard Beach Bum: Turning Your Backyard Into A Beach Oasis

Posted on: 27 April 2017

Trips to the beach are an excellent way for the entire family to relax. Sometimes if the beach is too far away or if your schedule is too busy to take any time off, going to be beach may not be a possibility. If you are not able to make it to the beach as often as you like, you can set up your backyard to become the perfect beach oasis. Here are four steps to setting up a backyard beach that is just as enjoyable as the ocean. 

Use landscaping rocks in front of a cabana.

One of the best ways to luxuriate on the beach is to have a cabana. While a cabana on the beach can cost a lot of money, setting one up in your own backyard will be much cheaper. Find a tent with heavy fabric that will protect you from the sun and keep cool. Set up a large lounge or daybed underneath the fabric in order to make a cabana. In front of the cabana, use landscape rock to make a path around the cabana and leading to the pool area. Add beach or pond landscaping rocks so that it mimics your favorite beach. 

Set up a fire pit.

Getting out of the water often means that you are a bit cold, whether you are at the beach or the pool. In order to make the pool goers warm, you should set up a fire pit in the middle between the cabana area and the pool. An automatic fire pit with an ignition will allow you to light the fire pit on demand. This way you can flip a switch, rather than have to load the fire pit with flammable materials and manually start the fire. This will keep those in the cabana warm as well as those who are exiting the pool. 

Bring in your favorite beach wears

If you are a lover of beach sand of a specific color, line the perimeter of the pool with your favorite type of sand. If you would prefer to keep the perimeter of your pool cemented, collect your favorite beach items such as shells, fish statues, or mermaid portraits and use them to decorate around the pool. You can hang portraits on the fence behind the pool, or set up some of your larger statues in each of the corners of the pool. Sand and beach paraphernalia will give you the feeling of being at the place you enjoy the most, by the sea.