Fantastic Landscaping With A Flair! Tips To Feng Shui Your Home's Landscape

Posted on: 28 July 2015

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the importance of your landscaping. From an increased curb appeal and value to displaying your household's unique personality and style, it is easy to see the benefits of fantastic landscaping. Of course, spreading grass seed across your yard and throwing some flowers around the mailbox does not offer much in terms of creativity and style. Fortunately, utilizing the principles of Feng Shui can turn your landscape into a relaxing, valuable, and functional space.

First utilized thousands of years ago by the Chinese, Feng Shui is becoming a more and more popular in homes and businesses due to its appealing and successful design principles. Using this guide on Feng Shui, you can add some fantastic flair to your home's landscaping.


Visit your local garden center and you will see a large selection of shrubs, flowers, and trees. While these plants are good options for your yard, you should plant them in certain areas of your landscape. To get started, remove overgrown, wilting, and dead plants. This will give your yard a healthier, lively, and energetic look. Once you clean out the old, consider the following tips when planting:

  1. Placement – Avoid planting shrubs and trees near windows and doors of your home since they may grow tall and wide. In addition to blocking your view, these bulky plants will also block your mind, preventing clear thoughts and ideas. Add these plants to the sides or back of your landscape. Be sure to use a combination of heights and widths in your landscape design, as well. This will balance out your entire landscape design, but also your emotional health.
  2. Color Options – In most cases, you will choose your flowers, shrubs, and other trees based on their colorful blooms. However, planting certain colorful plants in specific areas of your yard will be imperative to align with the Feng Shui principles. To increase prosperity, choose plants with red blooms. For money and financial success, add more plants that are lush green in color. Install light-colored flowers in dark areas of your landscape to decrease melancholy.
  3. Plant Options – Bamboo plants are excellent options to promote intellect around your home.  Peonies, which are considered the national flower of China, are not only beautiful, but they also represent wealth, honor, and luck. They are great additions to various areas of your landscape since they are available in a variety of color choices.


The sound and sight of running water is relaxing and appealing in any setting, but it can be a focal point in your Feng Shui landscape. When designing your landscape, consider a water fountain, decorative pond, or waterfall to add beauty and serenity to your yard.

Be sure to incorporate your water feature into the "wealth corner" of your yard. Install the feature so the water "moves" towards your home, instead of away from your home. This Feng Shui rule promotes financial gain.

It is important to note that your water feature will be more beneficial with the addition of a dragon statue. Visit home décor retailers or search online for a stone or resin garden statue. Place the garden accent near the water feature, in a way that displays the creature drinking from the fountain, pond, or waterfall.  Without a dragon accent at your water feature, your Feng Shui will only be at 20 percent strength.

The use of Feng Shui in your landscape or home design may not be for everyone, but it can offer an attractive look and amazing benefits to your health and wellness. Using these Feng Shui principles, your landscape will be fantastic. For more ideas, you may want to work with a local landscaping company like Affordable Cuts